Young & dynamic leadership of Chief Minister Shri Aditya Nath Yogi.
Same Govt. exists in State & Central politics boost excellent growth.
Create a success story on the pillars of socio-economic development.
4th largest economy in India and easy access to key markets.
Most populous state contributes to India's GDP.
Over 200 million consumer base makes it largest market in India.
Gateway to the India & World fast growing markets.
An agrarian state and also support about 15% of India's total livestock.
IT Hub of North India with a largest share next to Karnataka.
Fast developing Infrastructure & Growing Economic Hub.
New opportunities for investment to startup and entrepreneurs.
Investor friendly environment for sustainable economic growth.
Adjoined to Nepal & 9 major states and economies in the country.
Attractive policies for protecting investors and their interest in most potential state 'Uttar Pradesh'.